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Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary of CM Paint Lianjiang Store

On August 26, 2018, it was two years since the “CM Paint” entered the Lianjiang coating market. In the past two years, it has attracted many consumers’ eyes to pursue the quality of healthy and environmentally friendly coatings. With its high-end products and services, as well as the “leading brand of environmentally friendly coatings”, CM Paint […]

Problem Solving (5)

1.Efflorescence (White Crystal Deposits) White deposits of salts on paint surface that are migrating or leaching as water passes though the paint. This is often seen on masonry wall surfaces. Efflorescence will continue as long as moisture contaminated with salt that are present in motor, blocks, or concrete structures.   What causes it? Failure to […]

Problem Solving (4)

      1.Mud Cracking Deep irregular cracks that resembles dried mud. What causes it? ·Applying paint too thickly on porous/uneven surface for attempting to hide substrate with low covering paint ·Painting heavy coat of paint on embossed or textured surface ·Surfaces that are not prepared properly; contaminants were not removed ·Paint is allowed to […]

Problem Solving (3)

    1.Brush/ Roller marks (Poor flow/ leveling) Visibility of brush or roller marks on paint film upon its drying.         What causes it? ·Painting too rapidly or too long ·Re-brushing or re-rolling paint too rapidly or too long ·Use of work type/ nap size of roller cover. Use of wrong type/ size […]

Problem Solving (2)

Today, here are some problems you may face in the process of applying paint or after application of paint. Hope this blog can help you.       1.Poor Scrub Resistance Wearing away paint film when scrub with a brush, cloth or sponge What causes it? ·Aggressively washing the paint ·Allowing inadequate time for the […]

Problems Solving (1)

Today, here are some problems you may face in the process of applying paint or after application of paint. Hope this blog can help you.       1.Yellowing Yellowing applied paint (white & clear varnishes) on aging. What causes it? ·Alkyd/ oil based paint applied surfaces tend to become yellowish when they are not exposed […]

Exceptional Polyurethane Technologies Sought for Distinguished Innovation Award

  The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is now accepting applications for the annual Polyurethane Innovation Award. This industry-wide competition recognizes the most inventive technologies and advancements in the polyurethanes industry. Innovators are encouraged to act quickly and submit their applications before June 15. “Polyurethane chemistry continues to […]

The Promotion of Latex paint – Exterior Acrylic Emulsion Paint – CMW003

Features: Environmental friendly material, no toxic & odor-free, no pullotion; Waterproof, weather resistance and UV resistance, chemical resistance for exterior; Anti-algal,anti-fungal, anti-mildew, alkali-resistant and fire resistant; Great adhesion, strong intensity, good flexibility; Washable and not fade, good scrub and stain resistance; Excellent scuff resistance and durability performance; Easy to construction and maintain, economic and low […]

DowDuPont Invests $100 Million to Expand Manufacturing Capacity

DowDuPont announced a plan to make a series of investments totaling approximately $100 million over the next two years to expand manufacturing capacity and to modernize facilities at the Sabine River Works (SRW) plant in Orange County, Texas. The investments will incrementally expand production capacity to support global growth of specialty materials manufactured at the […]