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A: There is no height restriction for our coating, it is suitable for any building height.

A: We can’t and won’t force or coerce you to choose us over another home improvement company, the decision is up to you. If you want your house painted by experts, if you want the BEST customer service, if you want the best quality materials used, choose us.

A: Epoxy flooring paint selection is a very important thing, the following is a professional floor paint manufacturers to choose the floor paint raised several requirements:
Epoxy floor coatings as a clean ground decorating material, smooth surface can meet the high requirements of high cleanliness, used in self leveling construction, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, electronics, precision instruments, automobile manufacturing and other on the ground have high requirements of the industry.

1, the mechanical performance requirements, mainly including the wear resistance, pressure resistance and impact resistance of the three major aspects.
2, chemical properties, mainly including two aspects: acid resistance and alkali resistance.
3, epoxy floor floors, according to the floor of the epoxy floor to determine the floor is the need to moisture or special moisture – resistant floor or other requirements.
4, the surface condition, including base strength and evenness of the two.
5, aesthetic requirements, the general situation including epoxy floor color, brightness and the degree of peace of the entire requirements.
6, security requirements, security is the main, if in the epoxy floor, grease or ramp, can choose non slippery floor.

A: you seem to have more oil-based products than water-based products, why?
Health, the environment and product performance have always been our main priorities. Oil-based paints and varnishes perform very well and because ours are based on plant oils they are safer for consumers to use. Like most other companies world-wide who produce natural paints we are still heavily reliant on using plant oils for a number of products in our range, however we are starting to introduce more water-based products. Conventional paint companies have found this an easier move to make because their water-based paints are still based on synthetic chemicals.
They claimed to be environmentally friendly, which is not the case. In comparision to natural paint products they are using more synthetic materials, therefore using more energy and scare resources. On top they produce more none re-cycle products and waste. Natural ingredients and their waste products can be re-cycled.
BIO Natural Paint Products wants its water-based products to be safe for the consumer and for the environment. We will only release these products for sale when we are confident that they meet all our safety and performance criteria.

A: The raw ingredients we use are predominantly found in nature, and are turned into paints, oils and varnishes using “nature’s gentle chemistry”, a soft and green chemistry approach to manufacturing. China clay, talc, plant oils, tree resins and waxes are amongst the most common raw materials used. Look out for full details of ingredients on our product data sheets.

A: It is used widely in domestic situations and has also been used in hospitals, schools, public buildings, health food shops, galleries and by health practitioners.
Internationally it has been used in parliament and government buildings, airports, playgrounds and kindergartens.

A: When coating a surface that is already painted or wall-papered we recommend an adhesion test: apply a small amount of paint directly onto the applicable area; once completely dry, make a cross in the new paint using a craft knife. Smooth a piece of sticky tape over the crossed area. Leave for a few moments and then pull away. If the tape removes any paint it has failed the test. An oil-based undercoat or removal of the wall paper may be necessary.

A: Avoid touching, wiping, or wetting any freshly painted surface for 30 days. After that time dirt and stains may be removed with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and water.

A: This depends on the condition of the surface you are painting.  As a general rule, walls should be clean, dry and dull. Scrub all surfaces to remove all dirt, grease, oil, etc. Walls that have never been painted should have a primer applied before painting.

A: There are too many factors to take into consideration, and each home can be different. The quality of the paint used is of the utmost importance. However under normal conditions, a good quality job done by a professional crew should last anywhere more than 10 years.

A: Take the weather into account before painting your home’s exterior. Paint when the temperature is above 60 and below 90 degrees F. Otherwise, the drying time will be adversely affected. Avoid not only rain but also wind. High winds not only can cause your paint to dry too quickly, they can also blow dirt and other debris onto the wet surface.

A: Contact us via our online contact form or call us at our hot line, 020-85619726. Our sales team will contact you shortly.

A: Alternative to plaster and paint Profitable, lower overall cost (labor & materials), ease of use, green, durable, beautiful, machine or hand apply.

A: Interiors can be painted at any time, provided adequate ventilation is available to expedite drying as also dissipating odours.Exteriors should not be painted during monsoon, and in extreme temperatures.

A: There are many brands of interior wall paint in markets, which brings some trouble for our selection if we do not know how to choose high quality interior wall paint. So we, as a direct manufacturer of wall paint, give following suggestions for our customers.
Firstly, order can help our customers distinguish high quality interior wall paint. If there is a pungent odor or industrial flavor when the cover opened, it is not the ideal choice. Genuine interior latex paint does not have irritating odor, but fake water-soluble paint contains formaldehyde, and therefore there is a strong pungent taste.
Secondly, after some time, genuine interior wall paint will form a thick, flexible oxide film on the wall surface, but the defective only forms a thin film, which is fragile and have pungent odor.
Thirdly, a wooden stick is mixed in the interior wall paint to stir up. When flowing down, fan shape will be formed if it is one high quality interior wall paint. And it is smooth and and delicate when we use our fingers to touch.
Fourthly, after some days of the construction of a little trial interior wall paint, we can use a wet rag to scrub. Real latex paint is scrub resistant, but low-level water-soluble paint will be scrubbed easily.
Finally, different parts of houses actually requires different kinds of interior latex paint. For example, walls of bedroom and living room had better use latex paint with good adhesion, delicate texture, anti-differentiation and good air permeability, but kitchen and bathroom should paint with waterproof, mildew, easy to wash performance.
Please note that wall needs to pre-handle before brushing high quality interior wall paint. Otherwise it will cause serious problems, such as lacuna, cracking, blistering and so on.

A: 3D epoxy floors is a new technology for flooring manufacturing. An incredibly large color, image and choice of materials to create their show that this method is one of the most promising recent equipment.
To decorate the floor – it’s not just a picture, a large art object, itfundamentally changed the idea of what may seem like a floor. On the one hand – it’s on the surface, and another – the overall image, with all the colors and textures. Who walk in indoor sturdy coating can be beautiful, creative and unique with epoxy floor paint system for help.

A: Constructiontechnology wall paint can be divided into five steps: primary treatment→putty→ polishing→paint brush→cleaning.

A: Epoxy paints in recent years more and more into our lives, for Parking, food factories, supermarkets, offices, and so most of the pavement ramps are used epoxy paints, use epoxy paint what good is it, What is the principle of epoxy paint is?
Epoxy is an industrial coatings, has grown rapidly in recent years, it is generally the coating composition contains more epoxy groups collectively referred to as an epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is formulated epoxy resin, pigments, organic solvents and curing agents.
Two-component epoxy paint coatings are the main varieties, which consists of an epoxy resin and a curing agent composed of both single-component dry varieties from also using, but its performance and two-component coatings are more certain gap.
Advantages of epoxy paint:
1, epoxy paint itself highly corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance, excellent mechanical properties
2, epoxy paint can be made solvent-free or high-solids coatings, cement, metal and other inorganic materials, strong adhesion
3, epoxy paint is also resistant to organic solvents, heat, water, and non-toxic coating
The disadvantage of epoxy paint:
1, Epoxy construction environment higher requirements, the coating cured slowly at low temperatures, many species require high temperature curing, the high cost of equipment investment
2, bad weather, sunlight for a long time there may be chalking

A: Antique stone and as is the trend of modern decorative options , is the pursuit of back to nature , reflecting a return to natural decorative effect . So all kinds of anti- stone- craft , stone-like material such as springing up everywhere appear. It is a kind of stone- lacquer decorative material.
Texture stone paint decorative effect resembles marble , granite . Consists of polymers, natural stones made of sand and related auxiliaries , after dry cured hard as stone, looks like natural stone as true .

A: All the Pantone colors are available.The degree of glossiness and of transparence of paint
surface are as customers’ requirements.

A: Read the instruction carefully and follow the construction tips, Please feel free to contact us any time, we would try our best to solve your problems.

A: Our company have passed ISO9001,ISO14000, and MSDS,ROHS reports for our products.

A: Please contact us before you come here so we could make it all ready for you.

A: We can adjust the formula of our products to meet your satisfactory and adapt to the local requirements,the packaging could also be customized as required.

A: If customer need our engineer to teach the workers, we can supply with this service.

A: Interiors can be painted at any time, provided adequate ventilation is available to expedite drying as also dissipating odours.Exteriors should not be painted during monsoon, and in extreme temperatures.

A: This will largely depend on the substrate, and there are a number of options. Generally,Enamels – are used for metal surfaces, as also on doors & windows.
Exterior Emulsions – are recommended for exterior walls.
Interior Emulsions – are recommended for interior walls & ceilings.

A: Selecting a right painter is very important – our dealers would be happy to recommend one to you.


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