Problem Solving (2)

Today, here are some problems you may face in the process of applying paint or after application of paint. Hope this blog can help you.

      1.Poor Scrub Resistance

Wearing away paint film when scrub with a brush, cloth or sponge

What causes it?

·Aggressively washing the paint

·Allowing inadequate time for the paint to dry

·Using low quality paint

How to solve it?

·Areas where need aggressive cleaning require high quality washable paint

·Allow adequately drying time before cleaning the paint

·Use mild detergent and water with least abrasive material for cleaning paint



Patterned cracking of paint film (without exposing underneath substrate) resembling a skin of an alligator.

What causes it?

·Natural temperature fluctuation results for constant expansion and contraction of aging paint film to loss its elasticity

·Over coating an extemely hard paint on softer/ flexible paint

·Application of top coat before drying primer or under coat

·Application of coating on a glossy paint

How to solve it?

·Scrape off old paint/contaminants and wash with appropriate cleaner and allow to dry

·Sand glossy surfaces to dull before repainting

·Allow appropriate drying time according to label instructions before over coating


        3.Adhesion (Blocking)

Paint blocking is an adhesion problem that occurs when two painted surfaces stick together. This happens when windows or doors are opened a patch of paint peeling appear.

What causes it?

·Closing doors or windows before allowing sufficient time to cure applied paint

·Using low quality paint

How to solve it?

·Use top quality paint (Alkyd/ oil-base or semi-gloss or gloss latex) that has block resistance

·Follow label instructions for paint drying time

·Scrape any peeled paint, sand the surface, clean, wash and allow to dry well. Primer as needed and repaint.