Problem Solving (3)

    1.Brush/ Roller marks (Poor flow/ leveling)

Visibility of brush or roller marks on paint film upon its drying.


      What causes it?

·Painting too rapidly or too long

·Re-brushing or re-rolling paint too rapidly or too long

·Use of work type/ nap size of roller cover. Use of wrong type/ size of brush

·Applying too thin paint film, painting a hot surface on direct sunlight

·Painting on highly porous surface

How to solve it?

·Touch up paint after fully dry

·Remove brush/ Roller marks by sanding to smooth and repaint

·Follow label instructions for appropriate thinning

·Prime or seal porous substrate



Appearance of bubbles on paint surface due to loss of addition between paint film and the substrate.

What causes it?

·Paint on too warm substrate in direct sunlight (heat blistering)

·Migrating water in the wall to exterior pushing the paint film our from the substrate (moisture Blistering)

·Exposure of latex paint to dew, rain, or high humidity shortly after paint has dried.

How to solve it?

·Remove any blistered paint by scraping and sanding

·Repair cracks and openings around doors, windows, ends of siding and corners with suitable putty

·Repair leaks in gutters, roofs and spouting that allow moisture to enter under the paint film


        3.Bubbling (Foaming/ Cratering)

  Formation of tiny bubbles on large areas when paint is being applied. When these bubbles burst, they form tiny hollow looks like craters.

What causes it?

·Moving roller or brush hastily over the surface

·Moving roller or brush more frequently than required

·Using roller that has improper nap length

·High heat during application speeds up drying of paint and form will dry before they burst and level off

·Using inappropriate thinner

How to solve it?

·Sand the cratered surface to smooth and repaint

·Slowly mix paint not to entrap air into the paint

·Rough or porous surfaces should be sanded and primed

·Use short nap size roller for applying solvent based paints

·Follow label instructions for using thinners/ application