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The Real And Dreamy Landscape Given by 3D Picture Epoxy Floor Paint

Product Description:

3D Epoxy Picture Floor Paint can be use in different place such as gymnasium, parking place,  play ground, plaza, factory, school and other indoor and outdoor floor.

It’s environment-friendly; odor-free; excellent stain and abrasion old resistance; anti-corrosion of chemical as well as scuff resistance. What’s more, it can be exposed to the nature and under water.

Technical Parameters

40 Mu/Layer

Dry film thickness

0.3 Kg/m2/Layer

Theoretical coverage

8 (25℃)Hour

Mixed using time

4 Hour

Touch time

1 Days

Drying time (hard)

10-12 Years

Service life


Paint colors

1 Year

Self time



Technical Parameters

No connection joints


 Environment protection

Scrub resistance

Easiness in construction

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