Acrylic floor paint

Product Description:

Acrylic floor paint is an easy to apply water thinned floor paint. It can be used on tarmac as well as concrete, ashphalt, wood, walls and bricks.

Easy to apply and fast drying with low odour for foot and light truck traffic. Suitable for internal and external applications such as bricks, window ledges and walls. The acrylic paint can aslo be applied to new concrete (2 weeks old) after laitence has been removed.

Technical Parameters

30 Mu/Layer

Dry film thickness

0.26 Kg/m2/Layer

Theoretical coverage

8 Hour

Mixed using time

4 Hour

Touch time

3 Days

Drying time (hard)

5-8 Years

Service life


Paint colors

1 Year

Self time




No connection joints


 Environment protection

Scrub resistance

Easiness in construction

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