Protection and Safety High-build Fire Retardant Coating for Steel Structure

Product Description:

Fire Retardant Coating :
High-build fire retardant coating
for steel structure  is made of the Water-based material and is environment friendly, which is powder coating with excellent fire resistance performance. The coatings film will be dilatated when contacted to fire, forming a high dense and micro-porous fire proofing layer to prolong the fire retardant limit of steel structures. Even if fire expansion foam, a sponge-like layer carbonized to prevent heat transfer to the substrate, in a certain period of time does not soften the substrate to protect steel structure collapse.  It is widely used in large-scale mining steel plant, various stadium, the exhibition hall steel structure fire protection.

Technical Parameters

19-28 MM


8.6-12.9 Kg/m2/Layer

Theoretical coverage

12-18 Hours

Recoating time

12 Hours

Touch time

1 Days

Drying time (hard)

Over 20 Years

Service life

Light yellow

Paint colors

1 Year

Self time



Technical Parameters



 Environment protection

Vibration resistant

Easiness in construction

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