Primer Special for Natural Stone Paint

Product Description:

The Natural Stone Paint is environment friendly material, odor-free & non-toxic, no pollution, which makes up of  real stone material to make natural stonework effect. It’s also waterproof, fireproof, UV proof,  weather (climate ) and chemical resistance.

Suitable for commercial building, civil building, office, hotel, school, hospital , apartments, villa and other exterior and interior walls surface decoration and the protection.

Guangzhou CM Paint & Coating experts in manufacturing and supplying high quality industrial grade paints and coatings. Categorized under Interior & Exterior Wall, Household, industria and more…

Technical Parameters


Dry film thickness


Theoretical coverage


Application way

2 Hours

Touch time

24 Hours

Drying time (hard)

Over 20 Years

Service life


Paint colors

2 Years

Self time



Technical Parameters

No connection joints


 Environment protection

Scrub resistance

Easiness in construction

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