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CM One-component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Product Description:

Use isocyanate, polyether polyols as the main raw material, and mix with various additives and fillers, made by addition polymerization then become the polyurethane waterproof coating . It can be apply to waterproof grass-roots directly, NCO will contact with moisture in the air,and cause chemical reaction,forming the tenacity, soft and jointless rubber waterproofing membrane on the basic level surface, and play the waterproof function. This product includes 2 items: I is used for plan, and II is used for elevations and corners.

Technical Parameters

Solvent Free


25 μm / layer

Dry film thickness

0.4kg /㎡ / layer

Theoretical coverage

Less than 12h

Touch Dry

No more than 24h

Hard Dry

More than 10 years

Service Life

Black & White

Paint Colors


Application Way

5-25℃, cool, dry


Technical Parameters

No connection joints


 Environment protection

Scrub resistance

Easiness in construction

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