The Promotion of Latex paint – Exterior Acrylic Emulsion Paint – CMW003


Environmental friendly material, no toxic & odor-free, no pullotion;
Waterproof, weather resistance and UV resistance, chemical resistance for exterior;
Anti-algal,anti-fungal, anti-mildew, alkali-resistant and fire resistant;
Great adhesion, strong intensity, good flexibility;
Washable and not fade, good scrub and stain resistance;
Excellent scuff resistance and durability performance;
Easy to construction and maintain, economic and low cost.


Technical Parameters:
Property: Solvent free ( Water based )
Composition: Acrylic resins, filler, water, additive
Dry film thickness: 30mu/layer
Theoretical coverage: 0.16kg/㎡/layer
Drying time (Surface dry): <30min(25℃)
Touch dry: <2h(25℃)
Recoating time: 1h(25℃)
Drying time (hard): >24h (25℃)
Service life: >20 years
Paint colors: Multi-color
Application way: Roller, spray or brush
Storage: 5-25℃, cool, dry


It is suitable for commercial building, civil building, office, hotel, school, hospital , apartments, villa and other interior and exterior
walls surface decoration and the protection.


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